What does it mean to follow Jesus?

The first century Christians, the Radical Reformers of the 15th and 16th centuries, and many others believed that is meant "taking up the cross". Today, Christians in many parts of the world are persecuted because they take the call to discipleship seriously.

Radical Followers of Jesus DVDThe newscast reporting on nine different followers of Jesus on this DVD demonstrates what it means to take Jesus at His word and follow Him whatever the cost.

This DVD is ideal for small groups, Sunday School classes, family viewing, or youth groups. The video can viewed as a single presentation or in nine - six minute segments, featuring the following stories:
  • John Huss, Bohemia (1369-1415)
  • Felix Mantz, Switzerland (1498-1527)
  • Michael Saettler Germany (1490-1527)
  • Elizabeth Dirks, Holland (?-1549)
  • Menno Simons, Holland (1496-1561)
  • The Hutterite Experience in Alcatraz, USA during World War I
  • Johannes Reimer in Communist Soviet Union
  • Siegfried Bartel in Germany and Canada during World War II
  • Sam Martin, Canada (World War II to present)
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Radical Followers of Jesus has been described as "challenging", "inspiring", and "thought-provoking" by individuals and churches who have seen it.

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