A 33-lesson interactive study of The Sermon on the Mount

Designed for:

  • Individual Study
  • Small Groups Young
  • Adult/Adult Sunday School

Cost: $10 CAD (plus shipping charge)

  • A Study Guide for Youth and Adults -
  • Core Value #1 - Jesus is the Center of our Faith
  • Core Value #2 - Community is the Center of our Life
  • Core Value #3 - Reconciliation is the Center of our Work

Copies of this study guide are available from EAF.
Price per copy is $3.00 with a free Leader’s Guide for every 10 copies ordered.
Shipping and taxes extra.

Marching to the Jesus Drum is a five lesson study guide on the Biblical teaching on peace. It includes:

  • How we read the Bible
  • Jesus' teaching on peace
  • Peace in the Old Testament
  • History and Current Peace Issues
  • Practical Applications

This lesson is ideal for Sunday School classes or Bible study groups.

Cost: $10 CAD per book or $75 for 10 books (plus shipping charge)